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What Does 2022 Hold for the Shipping Industry? After 2020, many of us thought that 2021 would be a much better year. While for many this was true, for a lot of people, this year has been the most difficult one yet. The same can be said for the shipping industry. Although we have learned a lot from the strict lockdowns in 2020, there have been many challenges to overcome this year. So, as a new year is only weeks away, let’s see what 2022 has in store for shipping.


Increase in Cross-border Shipping

New research by industry experts shows that we can expect to see some growth within the cross-border ecommerce logistics market in 2022. In fact, it is expected to grow by over $44 billion between 2021 and 2025 due to disruption and transformation caused by the pandemic. With India producing a lot of fashion items, they can anticipate a boom in shipping as goods are shipped from this country to the rest of the world.


Increased Focus on Decarbonization

Whether it’s on board or in port, we can expect to see a significant increase in focus on decarbonizing the shipping industry as a whole. With carbon emission targets to reach and consumers choosing sustainable brands over others, this is one trend that will be here for many years to come. Ports and carriers will all be looking at ways they can reduce carbon emissions, from eco-friendly alternative energy sources to recycling protocols. We are excited to see the global shipping industry really do their part to make shipping more sustainable.


Shipping Delays Will Remain

While we’ll get to see the end of a hard year, we won’t be saying goodbye to shipping delays or sky-high shipping rates just yet. Delays from 2021 will carry over into 2022, and it will take some time for things to be resolved here. The risk of the pandemic on employees at ports also poses a challenge here. The increasing demand and limited capacity will also move into next year. Again, it will take time for capacity to catch up to demand and prices to level out a bit. However, this will force businesses to think a little more carefully about prioritizing shipments.


So What Does 2022 Hold for the Shipping Industry? While there are still many obstacles to overcome in the shipping industry, we are relieved to see things on the up again. The road to total recovery might be a little lengthy, but we are on the way there. We look forward to a new and prosperous year! .

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