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Get to Know Odessa Port in Ukraine

What we love about ports around the world is how much history they all have, and the Port of Odessa in Ukraine is no different. This port is not as well-known as some others in Europe. However, it is significant both to the country it operates in, and globally.


We take a closer look at the Port of Odessa and provide some fast facts to help you increase your knowledge of this port.

  • The Port of Odessa is in Ukraine, on the western shores of Odessa Bay on the Black Sea coast. It is made up of several harbours which are separated by a number of jetties. The port itself is sheltered from the open sea by some long breakwaters in the bay.
  • Many a battle took place in Odessa before the Russian Empress, Catherine II, finally issued a decree to build a merchant quay and naval harbour here in the spring of 1974. On September 2, 1794, the first piles were driven into the ocean near the shore of Odessa, and this is known as the birthday of the port. This gives a good indication as to the age of the port!
  • Odessa Port has come a long way since its humble beginnings and is now a big industrial centre with chemical products and mechanical engineering plants, food processing and other light industry factories.
  • The Port can handle over 21 million tons of dry cargo and 25 million tons of liquid cargo. Their container terminal has been designed to be able to overload over 900 000 TEU per year. In addition to cargo, it can also accommodate large cruise liners with passengers. In fact, the Port of Odessa has the most modern passenger terminal in the country, admitting up to 4 million passengers a year.
  • Odessa Port is one of the busiest ports on the Black Sea. In 1857, the Port of Illichivsk was established to handle toe volumes of cargo that Odessa Port was not able to accommodate.
  • The oil and gas terminal of the port is the biggest one in Ukraine. It is often referred to as the OMTP Oil District.


The Port of Odessa continues to grow and plays a large role in supporting the economy of the country, through imports, exports, and tourism. It currently holds the title of Leading Ukrainian port, and we can expect to see it continue to thrive as the world and shipping industry recovers from the pandemic.

Odessa Port in Ukraine

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