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We’re putting the spotlight on some of the top Greenland ports in this country, and sharing some interesting facts on their history, their current operations and what makes them unique.

Nuuk Port & Harbour

Located in the city of Nuuk, also known as Old Nuuk, this is the biggest port and harbour in Greenland. Due to tides during much of the year and ice during the winter months, the entrance of the harbour is often restricted. The larger vessels visit the east side of the port area, and the ferries and smaller vessels call the inner area of the port home. There is a container area with an area for processing and storage at the port too.

Greenland Ports
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Ammassalik Tasillaq Port    

Located in the town of Tasiilaq, the 7th largest town in Greenland, is the natural harbour in Tasiilaq Fjord. With very few roads in this town, most of the transport to further places is by helicopter or by boat, so the natural harbour is very important to the town. In the summer months, cargo boats from the Royal Arctic Line connect Tasiilaq with Kulusuk and provide an alternative for helicopter flights of Air Greenland. Boat trips, whale watching, and kayaking are popular summer activities in this town.

Port of Ilulissat 

Greenland Ports
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The Harbour and Port of Ilulissat is located in the Disko Bay area and is an Atlantic port in Greenland. Despite the cold weather conditions, this port is accessible for most of the year, but restrictions are common in the winter months due to sea ice. This port is operated by Royal Greenland, Arctic Umiaq Line and Royal Arctic Line. The Larger vessels make use of the west side of the port area, while toe smaller vessels and ferries use the inner port area.

Qeqertarsuaq Port

Located in the Qaasuitsup municipality on the West Coast of Greenland is Qeqertarsuaq, or Godhaven, town and port. Originally founded in 1773, this town is the home to a campus of the University of Copenhagen more commonly known as Arctic Station. The bay forms an inner and outer harbour with anchorage for large vessels available in the outer harbour. This port handles general cargo and containers. It remains navigable during the open season from June to November, but when there is heavy ice in winter, the port is closed.

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