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It’s been a difficult year for shipping in general, and we look forward to a better year in 2021. With this in mind, we’re taking a look at some of the port development we can expect to see in Africa in 2021, as well as some other important information and regulations that will come into play next year.

The Kribi container terminal in Cameroon will be developed further

International Container terminal Services, Inc (ICTSI) has recently signed a concession contract with the Port of Autonome de Kribi for the development, maintenance and operation of the Kribi Multipurpose Terminal in Cameroon. The Kribi terminal in currently under construction and this newly signed 25-year concession will help to further develop and successfully operate this important port.

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Back-of-Port Solutions Being Explored to Ease Durban Port Congestion

The Durban Port is one of the busiest in South Africa and congestion here leads to further transportation delays. In order to ease this congestion, authorities are looking at ways to get goods and ships moving faster. Some of the solutions being considered are introducing holistic truck booking systems that would provide a more integrated view of expected truck volumes, which would lead to more effective planning, as well as synchronizing the operating hours of the back of port container depots with the 24/7 operating hours of the port.


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Two Years of Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA)

2020 marks 20 years since TNPA became a separate operating division of Transnet SOC Ltd. What they have accomplished in their time has been amazing, from transforming South Africa’s maritime resources, growing fleets, replacing and building new infrastructure and competing effectively in the global market. They have become world leaders in pioneering change in the maritime industry, even being the first port authority in the world to use helicopters to transfer marine pilots in 1995. We look forward to what is to come and to see how they will help South African ports overcome the damage caused by the pandemic.

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Hapag-Lloyd Has Opened a Shipping Line in Nigeria

Well-known and successful shipping company, Hapag-Lloyd has opened a new office in Lagos, Nigeria. They have taken note of the strategic role that the country plays in the container line’s growth on the African continent and have labeled Nigeria as the economic powerhouse of West Africa. Nigeria has a growing middle class, large oil reserve and high import rates. This new office will help them growth their business in Africa.

We look forward to seeing more port development happening in 2021 as we see shipping volumes continue to recover from the economic downturn effects of the lockdown.

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