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The Port of Arica

The Port of Arica is located in Chile, in the northernmost city of Arica. In this blog post we share a little of the history as well as the port today.

Port of Arica
Image courtesy of Wikipedia – click for link

Port History

Experts have uncovered archaeological findings that indicate Arica was inhabited by various native groups dating back to 10,000 years! The Spanish first settled on the land back in 1541, and by 1545 Arica had become the main export spot and held a vital role as one of the leading ports of the Spanish Empire. An earthquake in 1868 did serious damage to the city, and many of an already small population lost their lives. Chile eventually took control of the region in 1880 and have since developed the port and the town.

The Port Today

Today, the Port of Arica is an open roadstead port, and it handles dry bulk, tankers and containers. This port is well-known for exporting incredible citrus and locally produced olives, as well as seafood. The Port of Arica is also especially popular with Bolivia. This is due to the Bolivia Chile Treaty of 1904, in which Bolivia was granted free commercial transit for Bolivian import cargo (356 days of free storage), and export cargo (60 days of free storage). Due to the climate, this port operates the whole year round. Today, this port also has a passenger terminal and is a very popular cruise destination (when we are not in a lockdown) due to its climate, culture and the many activities there are to enjoy. There is also a fishing sector on the northern section of the port which services feluccas, schooners and fisheries. Fishing is important to this town and provides livelihoods to many who live here.

Port of Arica
Image courtesy of Wikipedia. Click for link

Maritime Attractions

Arica is also known as “The City of Eternal Spring” and ideally located at the norther tip of Chile, right on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. The climate is mild and dry all year round, and the waters warm. This makes is one of the more popular beach destinations, with lots of water activities and relaxing for guests to enjoy. Whether you want to sunbathe, swim, ride jet ski’s or take part in some of the other water activities, you’ve come to the right place. Arica is also a popular destination for surfers, offering some superb waves to ride on. Their seafood is something to write home about and is a must-try at any of the local cafes and restaurants.

This city and port are definitely places you’ll want to add to your list when visiting Chile!

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