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Chile has some amazing ports, as well as some incredible maritime activities to enjoy while you are there. We’ve taken a few of our top maritime activities from some of the biggest and most popular ports in Chile and highlighted them here

Port of Valparaíso

Visit the Fish Market and Meet Some Local Fishermen

There are many local buses that will take you to Caleta Portales, where you will find Valparaíso’s main fish market. Here you’ll find some delicious, fresh seafood to purchase, and you can also meet and chat with some of the local fishermen who live in the city. Don’t forget to ask them to fillet your fish before you go – their skills are really impressive! They also sell quite a bit of ceviche for takeaway here, and it’s great to sit and enjoy this on the beach.

ports in chile
By Manta22 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Enjoy Time on the Beach

If you need a little time to relax, we’d suggest visiting nearby Concón, where you will find some of the best beaches near Valparaíso. It’s easy to catch a bus here, and as the road follows the coastline, you are guaranteed to have scenic views the whole way. There are two main beaches in Concón: Playa Amarilla (which is a yellow sand beach) or Playa La Boca (which is a black sand beach). Both are worth a visit, and having a beach with black sane is quite unique.

Port of San Antonio

Municipal Museum of Natural Sciences and Archaeology of San Antonio

This museum is a must-visit in San Antonio! The collections here are dedicated to natives that lived in the area of the central sea of Chile, as well as the wildlife in the area. You can enjoy seeing massive skeletons of mammals, including a blue whale, as well as a garden natural species, aquariums and a rescue and rehabilitation centre for wild fauna.

ports in chile
By Diego Grez Cañete – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, courtesy of Wikipedia. Click for link.

Take a Walk

Being right on the ocean, you’ll definitely want to explore. In San Antionio the locals say ‘El Paseo Bellamar’ which translates to ‘the beautiful sea walk’. This is popular for many visitors and locals to do, and there are lots of little shops, food and drink spots and other interesting attractions to see while you are taking a walk.

Chile offers both gorgeous beaches as well as snowy slopes in the wintertime. In terms of maritime activities, the country is filled with them. We’re definitely adding this to our maritime travel list in the coming years!

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